1 - General Rules:

§1.1 - Negativity is not something we like to see in our community. We try to have a positive and happy attitude around. Please keep your personal worries to private chats or consult a professional for help. Bringing up such topics will not help you and instead drag everyone else's mood down, which is unfair.

§1.2 - Racism and homophobia are strongly fobidden!

§1.3 - Do not attempt to start drama either voluntary or involuntary.

§1.4 - Do not post/talk about any form of NSFW or suggestive material. Discussing or posting things that are borderline NSFW will not be tolerated either.

§1.5 - Do not show, talk about, reference or consume drugs within our server chats or voice channels! It doesn't matter if the drug in question is legal in your area, as this server is international.

§1.6 - Do not harass others.

§1.7 - Do not single out or harass anyone you think might be a troll. Please report them to a team member, and we will handle the situation.

§1.8 - Please do not advertise any other Minecraft servers or networks.

§1.9 - Do not abuse the team's willingness to help. Additionally do not purposefully give the team more work than it already has by making trouble or distracting them with bad intentions in mind!

§1.10 - Refrain from talking / chatting about religious, political or highly discussed topics ("Hot-Topics") within our platforms. This includes starting imaginary religions or imaginary political parties.

§1.11 - Use common sense. If you think doing something is not right, don't do it.

§1.12 - Not reading the rules doesn't protect you from the consequences of breaking them! Most of our rules are standard anyway and should be followed by common sense!

§1.13 - Please keep public chats in english. If you wish to use any other language, please use DM's.

2 - Chatting Rules:

§2.1 - Excessive swearing is not allowed, so please refrain from using profanity often.

§2.2 - Please do not spam anything in the channels/chat. This includes excessive capitals.

§2.3 - Do not purposefully annoy the team and or players! This lowers the quality of the chat and worsens the experience for everyone.

§2.4 - Try to keep the quality of public chats high. Avoid hot topics, religious matter and politics. Act mature and try using readable english to the extent that is possible for you.

§2.5 - Team-Members can always join and overfill limited voice channels for the purpose of moderation.

§2.6 - Direct Message Advertisement is forbidden and will get you removed from the discord permanently. No excuses.

3 - Minecraft Rules:

§3.1 - Any form of hacking is not allowed.

§3.2 - Any kind of exploitation of glitches or bugs is not allowed. This includes well known minecraft bugs like TNT-duplication. The exeption here is going over bedrock level in the nether.

§3.3 - Please refrain from bypassing the AFK-kick.

§3.4 - Please keep the main chat English. If you wish to use any other language, please use DM's.

§3.5 - Do not sell player skulls.

§3.6 - Any form of grief is not allowed.

§3.7 - Do not bypass bans by using one or more alt accounts.

§3.8 - Minecraft clients are only allowed, if they don't give you an advantage in any of our gamemodes over other players, that just use the regular vanilla client. For example, not allowed whould be an ore finder in survival, a flight speed increaser in creative, or a printer (auto builder) in either of them. The mods that are allowed are any kind of inventory/chest sorter, mini-maps, Light Overlay and Litematica (Without printer). For any others, please ask a team-member before using.

§3.9 - Do not lag the server with big redstone systems, massive farms, etc.!

§3.10 - Do not spawn in overpowered items in the creative!

§3.11 - Refrain from randomly attacking other players outside of the PvP-Arena. It is seen as unfriendly and rude by the community.

§3.12 - Stealing is not allowed, even if a chest, other stroage device or block isn't claimed.

4 - Town Rules:

§4.1 - Town-Warps are given out by the team, not requested by the towns or mayors. If a town seems important enough and adequate to become official, a team member will approach the towns mayor and offer a warp.

§4.2 - Town rules need to be followed just like the main server rules. They can be found at each towns townhall or dedicated ruleboard. Breaking town rules will be punished by the team with real consequences just like the main server rules.

§4.3 - Under extreme circumstances town inhabitants can be evicted from a town in agreeance between the mayor and server team. An evicted player will recieve $5000 and a general refund of the used building materials for the eviction.

§4.4 - Town rules cannot overwrite server rules. The servers main rules are always prioritised.

§4.5 - Towns can only be joined an built in by a player if their town-join has been approved by the mayor or the mayors second in command if existant.

§4.6 - Some towns have a special style of building. You are asked to follow this style. If a building does not at all follow the towns style it can be taken down and refunded if agreed on by the mayor and server team.